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SM1000 SM1300


Drawing on its experience in the cylinder head and block reconditioning field, Berco has developed a new product, specially designed to satisfy increasingly demanding user needs. In this specific field, there has been a growing tendency in recent years to switch from grinding with abrasive sectors to milling, using special CBN and PCD round inserts that are able to work at higher cutting speeds and without coolants.

This kind of system reduces machining times considerably, whilst at the same time guaranteeing a high-grade surface finish with roughness levels comparable to those obtained with grinding.

In the design and construction of this new product, Berco, as always, has paid great attention to the quality of the materials and components used, with particular reference to the very sturdy cast iron frame and the worktable and head movement mechanisms with their high-precision recirculating ball screws, which, thanks also to the special drives, powered by direct current motors, allow extremely precise worktable / workpiece feed speed setting and milling cutter positioning.

As well as the features described above, the milling cutter rotation speed on all these machines is continuously variable from a minimum of 200 RPM to a maximum of 1900 RPM, so that the cutting speed can be set according to the kind of material being machined. Both the SM 1000 and SM 1300 versions are fitted with a 406 mm (16) diameter milling cutter, to which two insert holder cartridges with the corresponding round inserts (CBN PCD) can be fitted. In order to cater for varying user needs, Berco has made two machines versions, the 1000 and the 1300: SM 1000M SM 1300M (manual) and SM 1000A SM 1300 (automatic).



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