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LYNX 2000


Grinding of main journals, crank pins or thrust bearings is easily achieved without an eccentric chuck. Grinding of both concave and convex cam contours can also be achieved in a single clamping, without the use of cam masters simply by using the Lynx software that controls path machining of the contours. Standard modes include oscillating, plunge-cut and reciprocating grinding of the wheel spindle.

Use of state of the art components like linear motion systems, full digital drive technology and fluid cooled drives ensure high dynamic rigidity of the machine, excellent surface finish quality and the best contouring accuracy.

Although Lynx 2000 is a highly flexible machine, it is capable of guaranteeing the same production times of more rigid and specialized traditional machines. The integration with any external loading system (gantry) and other external measurement devices, allows it to be included in a production system. The choice of using CBN grinding wheels, considerably reduces machine set-up, starting and retooling times, thus increasing your profit.

The new Lynx 2000 provides a simple and flexible solution for grinding crankshaft and camshaft with one machine.




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