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RTM 700

Berco RTM 700 crankshaft grinders have been conceived for regrinding of main journals and crankpins of large crankshafts.

The main features are:

  • worktable with manual micrometer, fast automatic and automatic work feeds controlled by a d.c. motor;

  • wheelhead with fast hydraulic and micrometer manual feeds, with automatic take-up of play;

  • headstock and tailstock driver by d.c. motors with synchronised rotation speed assured by an electronic control unit;

  • controls box adjustable in height, to facilitate the operators maneuvers as well as loading and unloading of the crankshaft;

  • workheads featured by radial, cross and angular movements.


RTM 575-RTM 425A

Top performing grinding machines which, apart from fast hydraulic to-and-from movements of the grinding wheel, also feature automatic mechanical table reversal to allow for grinding of cylindrical parts. All RTM grinding machines come with adjustable eccentric heads which make it possible to clamp the crankshaft between centers with lathe carrier or with self-centering chucks. Special devices are available to make centering easier and lining-up of journals.



RTM 351

Designed and developed according to a highly innovative technology, Berco RTM 351 crankshaft grinding machines are structurally balanced, highly reliable machines which feature top machining accuracy and versatility. These machines are available in two version:

  • version A suitable for reconditioning crankshaft of different size and characteristics.

  • version D  which, apart from the characteristics mentioned for the A version, also features a special electro-hydraulic device which allows external grinding of cylindrical parts.


RTM 270

Grinding machines series RTM 270 are highly flexible thus allowing to obtain top productivity under any working condition. These machines are available in three different version:


  • version A is a universal type of machine which can, upon request, be fitted with a device for plonge grinding.

  • version B is the most complete one in that it features a whole set of hydraulic devices which make the machine suitable for reconditioning small and medium-size sets of crankshafts.

  • version D, similar to version A, but featuring automatic table traverse for grinding cylindrical shafts.


RTM 225A

These grinding machines have been designed to meet the requirements of those who have to recondition both individual crankshafts and small or medium-size sets of crankshafts.

They are available in version A, B, C, D, ES, all featuring different devices and automatic system. The user can of course choose the version which best fits to his requirements in terms of cost-effectiveness. All version come with:

  • heads with cross movement, rapidly rotating over 360 and according to pre-set angles.

  • stepless regulation of the workpiece rotating speed via a potentiometer.


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