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June 23, 1978 was the date, when over 25 years ago the TEKNIEX was founded.

Thought to be a supplier to large construction machinery reparation workshops all around the former Yougoslavia, in the 1980 it became representative of the famous BERCO trade-mark, and soon became the official supplier of first-time installation undercarriage parts to important constructors like “14 Oktobar” from Krusevac and “Radoje Dakic” from Titograd.

It developed a very detailed and competitive sale and assistance network, during these years, allowing it to become recognized, particularly in the East-Europe.

Always meeting the continuous increasing of business, and the necessity to keep spares in stock, in the 1992 the TEKNIEX built a modern 1000 sqm warehouse in the industrial zone of Gorizia, situated on a 6000 sqm surface, containing a set up and reparation of undercarriage parts department, containing a powerful BERCO PT200 hydraulic track press, a sale department, and 200 sqm of commercial offices.

In the last few years, as an answer to numerous customers’ demand, the assortment has been upgraded by the following brands:


Bridgestone rubber tracks for mini undercarriage;

Engine and hydraulic parts for Fiat,Caterpillar, Komatsu e Case;

Rubber road pads;

Buckets for excavators, standard and others;

Ground engage tools;

Cutting edge for bulldozer;

Ripper points;

Hydraulic breakers CP;

Points for all type of hydraulic hammers;

Track bolts.


Trying to assure the fastest everyday delivery, the TEKNIEX is always challenging to give the best service, the greatest quality and reliability, promptly giving its customers the superior product.



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